Three Websites for Finding Books

I love books!  I mean I really love books!  One of my biggest missions is to get students to enjoy reading as much as I do.  A huge part of that mission is finding books of high interest that are at a “just right” reading level.  Today I’d like to share three sites that have helped me do just that.

This post shares three great websites for finding just right books for your classroom library.

I share all of these sites with my students and parents.   They are perfect to link up if you have a classroom webpage.  

Spaghetti Book Club – This site has book reviews for kids, by kids.  The books are explained and revered like only kids can do.  Reading positive reviews from peers can be a very powerful motivator for students.  I love how the students also post illustrations to go with their reviews.

What Should I Read Next? – This site is perfect when you have a reluctant reader who finally finds book that he/she loves.  All you need to do is type in the title, and the site will produce a list of books with similar themes at a similar level.  I love using this site when I am ordering new books for my classroom library.  Every year, there seems that students gravitate toward certain books.  This site is great for finding similar books.

 Guysread – This is an awesome site designed to encourage young males to love reading.  You can find a wide variety of book categories that appeal to guys, including “Creepy and Weird”, “Tales and Scales” and “The Wild West”.  When you click on a book title, you get a short review and a chance to rate the book for yourself.  This feature encourages students to come back, contribute to the site, and find more great books.  Seeing high ratings from peers can be a strong motivator for our students.

These sites are all easy and fun to use.  Enjoy!

Three Great Sites to Find Books for Kids

Thank you!