Fairy Tale Activities

Having a fairy tale unit is a great way to foster students’ imaginations while teaching reading strategies.  I enjoy reading aloud, discussions, comparisons, and reading students’ original fairy tales.  At the end of our unit, we have a fairy tale ball.  This cumulating event includes some fun fairy tale activities that I am going to share today.  Students are allowed to come dressed as one of their favorite fairy tale characters.  This is completely optional, and I usually have about half my class participate.

Five fun fairy tale activities for second grade

Fairy Tale Craft: Make a Magic Wand

When we started having our Fairy Tale Ball, students created a “magic wand” by spreading icing on a pretzel rod.  Next, they would dip the pretzel in sprinkles.  Students loved this, and it was delicious.

We are no longer able to use food, so now we cut out stars and attach them to a Crazy Straw.  Some students choose to decorate their star.  Glitter glue is always a fun way to decorate a magic wand.

Making a magic wand is a fun fairy tale craft.

Fairy Tale Game: Guess My Character

Mystery Fairy Tale Characters is a great one of many fairy tale activities for your students to play.

This game is usually one of my students’ favorite fairy tale activities.  Each student is assigned a character, but they don’t know who it is.  A fairy tale character’s name is placed on each student’s back.  Students walk around the room and others try to give them hints on who their character is.  Each child is allowed to get three hints.  If they guess the character name, they can come up and get another one.  If they do not guess the character after three hints, they find a new partner.

Readers' Theater

Using readers’ theater in my class is always a hit.  Students love acting out favorite stories (or different versions of the stories).  You can find lots of great readers’ theater stories for fairy tales with a quick Google search or looking on TPT.  I love the creativity and thought that goes into scenery and props.  Depending on how much time we have, I sometimes spend several days letting students practice and create.  It’s always fun to watch students bring favorite fairy tale characters to life!

Fairy Tale STEM Activity

Warning! This fairy tale STEM activity involves throwing paper airplanes.  

I have students complete this activity using the Slides below.  Please feel free to ask me any questions.  If you’d like a link to access the Slides, just click here and make a copy.  You can also click on the button after the Slides.

End your fairy tale unit with this fun fairy tale STEM activity.
End your fairy tale unit with this fun fairy tale STEM activity. Students will make a help wanted sign.
This fairy tale stem activity allows students to make paper airplanes.

Wrap up the Fairy Tale Unit with a Movie

I don’t show a bunch of movies in my classroom, but this is a time when I feel a movie is appropriate.  Two of my favorites are Shrek and Puss in Boots because they include multiple fairy tale characters.  I always notify parents of the choice.  If there is an objections, I find a couple “rated G” fairy tale movies on Disney and let the students vote.

More about Fairy Tales

Of course, before we get to all of these activities, students practice many comprehension skills and learn about fairy tale elements.  If you would like to read about some of the activities we do earlier in the unit, you can do so by clicking here or on the button below.  If you are interested in more fairy tale activities, keep reading to see how you can get a set of FREE graphic organizers delivered straight to your inbox.

What is your favorite fairy tale or fairy tale activity?  I would love to hear how you conclude the fairy tale unit in your classroom.

Five Free Graphic Organizers for Fairy Tales

Graphic organizers are wonderful for helping students construct meaning in an organized fashion.  I designed five graphic organizers specifically for fairy tales.  You can take a peak at one of them to the right.  To see and use all five organizers, just fill in the form below.  You should see the organizers in your inbox right away.

Students describe and draw the magical elements from a fairy tale.
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