Five Free Phonics Games to
Amp Up Reading Engagement

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    Are you tired of moans, groans, and eyerolls when you announce it's time for phonics?

    Phonics is a critical part of your reading program, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! Check out these five engaging phonics games and add some excitement to your small group activities!

    What's included?

    • CVC Vowel Game - Students add the short vowel to each word.
    • Blends Puzzles - Students assemble words that have initial blends.
    • Four-in-a-Row Silent e Game - Students pick cards and mark silent e words
    • Digraph Spinner Game - Students spin and mark the word with the matching initial diagraph
    • R-Controlled Vowel Puzzles - Students match the picture with the correct spelling.
    • Print-friendly versions are included.

    You will love

    • Student engagement
    • Hands-on activities
    • Meaningful practice

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