Mindset Mastery Toolkit:
Transform Your Students to a Growth Mindset!

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    Are you tired of hearing:

    • "I can't."
    • "This is too hard."
    • "Not this again!"

    Having a growth mindset allows students to see challenges as opportunities. If you foster a growth mindset with your students, you can enable them to set and reach big goals. Say goodbye to "I can't" and hello to "Bring it on!"

    What's included?

    • The Power of Yet - Color and Apply
    • Change those fixed mindsets with two pages of quotes to revise.
    • Mindset sort - Promote awareness of fixed mindset statements.
    • Label the mindset - Identify and Label what works and what doesn't.
    • Goal Setting page - Plan and Celebrate!​

    You will love

    • Opportunities for meaningful discussions
    • Hands-on Activities
    • Reinforcement of Growth Mindset Language

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