Double the Consonant & Drop Silent e When Adding ed & ing


Do your students need help with the tricky spelling rules of doubling the consonant and dropping silent e? Are you looking for spelling activities that your students will actually enjoy? This product provides a variety engaging, differentiate activities for students to practice spelling rules when adding ed and ing. The activities focus on doubling the consonant and dropping the silent e. Choose the activities that work best for the age and abilities of your students.

Here’s how you can help your students master when to double the consonant and drop the silent e!
►Word Sort – This center includes 24 verbs to sort under three headings (double the consonant, drop the e, or no spelling change). Students must decide what rule the verbs follow when adding ed or ing.
►Two different recording sheets for the center
►Answer keys for both recording sheets.
►A print-friendly version of this sort is included.
►A poster in color, black & white and sized to fit an interactive notebook (black & white)
►A sort and foldable for interactive notebooks
►A Dice Game
►Three Spinner Games
►A Maze
►Six worksheets – Choose the one(s) that work best for the age and ability level of your students.
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