Digital Contraction Activities for Google Classroom


Are you looking for an engaging way for your students to practice tricky contractions? Are you ready to go paperless? Then this set of digital contractions activities is the perfect addition to your classroom. The activities were designed to give your students a variety of differentiated, engaging activities and give you a break from another set of papers to organize.

This set of contraction activities is the perfect addition to your Google Classroom! Google Classroom activities are engaging, motivating, and paperless! No more lugging home stacks of papers to grade.

The following words are used in these contractions: have, am, not, are, will, had, would, has, and is.

What’s Included?

*Three Matching Activities – Students match the contraction to the two words that form it.

*Three Sorting activities – Students sort by type of contraction or not a contraction at all.

*Four “Fill in the Blank” Activities.

*A Maze

*”Contractions in Context”

*Two sentence writing slides

*Two short story slides

*A self-checking quiz on a Google Form

*Step by step directions for using these activities in your classroom.

Please open the preview for a detailed look at the contents.

These activities work best on a computer, laptop, or Chromebook. They also work on a tablet, but the words on the sorts may be tricky to move, as they change shape rather easily on a tablet. Also, it may be difficult to complete the highlighting involved on “Contractions in Context” if you are using a tablet. Other activities are fine on a tablet, and all activities work great on the devices listed above.


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