Singular & Plural Possessive Nouns Print and Digital Task Cards


Do your students struggle with possessive nouns?  These singular and plural possessive noun task cards will give you and your students exactly what you need to practice when to use ‘s and when to use s’. After using these task cards, your students should be able to demonstrate a stronger understanding of where and when to use that tricky apostrophe.
Your students will enjoy practicing singular and plural possessive nouns with these engaging, versatile task cards. Whether you use them for Scoot, a scavenger hunt, small group practice or any other way, your students will get great practice with possessive nouns.
Here’s how you will help your students master singular and plural possessive nouns!
►36 task cards to practice singular and plural possessive nouns
►A print-friendly version of the task cards
►Recording Sheet and Answer Key
►Suggested uses for the task cards
►Directions for center use
►All the task cards are on a Google Slides Presentation.
►A self-correcting Google Form with all the task cards
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