Six Types of Syllables Posters Centers Worksheets Games and More


Are you looking for engaging ways to teach your students the six types of syllables? Do you wish you had more syllable activities for whole group, small group, and individual work? If so, then this activity set is exactly what you need.

Syllables are an important part of learning to read and spell. This set of activities is full of engaging activities to help your students master identifying and applying the six types of syllables. They work great for whole class instruction, small group work, and literacy centers.

Here’s what’s included.

*Six Posters and mini-posters of the syllable types.

*A print-friendly version of the posters

*Interactive notebook activities, including a reference sheet and two foldables

*A syllable sorting center that includes all six syllable types

*A center for combining 32 different syllable types to make 16 two-syllable words

*A print-friendly version of both centers

*Directions, recording sheet, and answer key for both centers

*Two worksheets to practice identifying and using the different types of syllables

*An answer key to the worksheets

*A maze to help identify the syllables types (includes answer key)

*Two games to practice identifying and reading the different types of syllables.

Please open the preview for a detailed look at the contents.

***This set of activities was completely updated and expanded in November, 2020.


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