Hello Everyone!  During writing workshop, it can be hard to get students to break out of their comfort zone when it comes to word choice.  Today I’d like to share a new resource (and a freebie) designed to help you lead your students to choosing “just right” words for their writing.

Awesome references and activities for students to practice shades of meaning!

My newest TPT resource provides ample opportunities for your students to practice using words with subtle differences.  Here’s what’s included and how you can use it in your classroom to encourage growth in your students’ word choice.

I created 12 alternative word list cards to use as a resource during writing workshop.  I printed mine on card stock, laminated & cut them, and then placed them on a ring.  I take this resource with me during writing conferences, so students can see some options if they need to be more specific.   You can also have your students cut out the words and place them in their writing notebooks as a reference.

Meaningful references to get your students to intentionally think about word choice
For practice and assessment of this skill, I provided eight printable activities.  Your students will enjoy ordering, illustrating, and spinning.  There is something for everyone!
Awesome no-prep activities for your students to practice words with different shades of meaning

The Shades of Meaning Spin is a great way to get your students actively engaged with alternative words.  I am offering this as a freebie.  You can download this game by clicking here or on the picture below.

Free Shades of Meaning Spin!
The activity below makes a great center.  However, there are several other ways you could use these cards in your classroom.
     *Pass out the cards to your students.  They need to find their group and stand in order of least
       intensive to most intensive.  (Great to get your students up and moving!)
     *Use the cards in a small group activity for students who need to advance their word choice.
     *Use when you have a few extra minutes: place several words on the document camera.  Students
      can say or write sentences, sketch, or act out the subtle differences in meaning.
Engaging center for your students to practice shades of meaning.

Grab all of these activities for 20% off if you purchase by the end of the day on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.  Have fun leading your class to better word choice!  You can make your purchase by clicking here or on the picture below.
Awesome references and activities for students to practice shades of meaning!
Thank you!

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