Read Alouds: 5 Books to Promote a Love of Reading

Read alouds are full of magical moments that can make stories come alive to both the reader and the listeners. As teachers, we are well aware of the power of read alouds to teach concepts and behaviors as well as to just have fun. Today I am sharing a curated list of my favorite read alouds that encourage a love of reading. Each book lends itself to unique discussion ideas that should spark your students’ interest in reading.

Use these 10 Read Alouds to help foster a love of reading in your classroom.

This list does contain affiliate links. Please know that I have used these books in my own classroom. My students and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all!

Let’s Get to the Read Alouds!

A great book that reinforces the importance of listening to a great reader

Help Wanted Must Love Books

Cute book alert! I’m starting off with one of my favorites. In this story, a young girl “fires” her father from their nightly read aloud time. The father got a new job, and he was too busy and too tired to read with her each night. Shailey was not about to give up this sacred time, so she set out on a mission to find a new reader. Many characters applied to her help wanted ad, but there was always a problem. (The Gingerbread Man ran off with one of her books!) After each failed interview, Shailey revised her ad. Finally, she found the perfect applicant.

Discussion Ideas

  • What makes a good reader?
  • What would you include in an ad to get someone to read to you?
  • Why do you think the final applicant was the best for the job?
An amazing book that demonstrates the power of learning to read at any age

The Wednesday Surprise

This book demonstrates the power of learning to read in a way that will make your heart melt. This is one of my first book purchases, and I have used it as a read aloud in my class every year since (fifth grade, fourth grade, and second grade).

Anna takes on the task of teaching her grandmother how to read. They meet every Wednesday, and Anna gives her grandmother a reading lesson. These girls have big plans for Anna’s dad on his birthday. When Anna’s dad’s birthday finally arrives, he’s in for the surprise of a lifetime as his mother reads to him for the first time.

Discussion Ideas

  • How do you think Anna’s dad felt at the end of the book?
  • What type of things do you think Anna was saying to her grandmother as she was teaching her how to read?
  • How do you think Anna’s grandmothers life will be different now that she is a reader?
Wolf is determined to learn how to read fluently and impress his friends.


Most stories have the wolf going after other animals. This one starts that way, but it ends with Wolf trying to impress the animals with his fluent reading skills. Initially, Wolf sees the pig, duck, and cow as dinner. However, when he goes in for the “attack”, he is scolded for interrupting their reading! Animals reading?! Wolf becomes determined to become a reader himself. After several failed attempts at impressing his new audience, Wolf eventually dazzles them with his clear, fluent reading.

Discussion Ideas

  • What advice would you have for wolf on this page? (Show a page where Wolf is not a fluent reader.)
  • How and why did Wolf change in this book?
  • What lesson could you learn from Wolf’s efforts at learning to read?
You'll find treasured books and how to take care of them.

Where are my Books?

If you have books you treasure, you’ll definitely relate well to this book. Spencer has some favorite books that he loves for his parents to read to him each night. The problem occurs when night after night, his books go missing. After setting a rather clever trap, Spencer discovers that the thieves are actually squirrels. Who knew squirrels loved to read too? Spencer ends up setting up his own lending library so the squirrels can continue to read while Spencer will always know where his precious books are located.

Discussion Ideas

  • Why do you think it was so important for Spencer to find his books?
  • What are some of your most treasured books?
  • Do you agree with Spencer’s rules for the squirrels borrowing books? Are there any rules that you would add?
Ben and Bella go through a variety of books with different genres trying to make their way back to the right book.

We’re in the Wrong Book!

Ben and Bella give a whole different meaning to the phrase “lost in a book”. They are characters who find themselves pushed out of their book and into a series of wrong books. This book is a great way to introduce your students to different genres, including: comics, historic, and how-to books. Eventually, the two kids find their way back to the right book in a way that circles back to how they got lost in the first place. Your students are bound to love this one!

Discussion Ideas

  • What is your favorite reading genre?
  • What book would you like to be “stuck” in?
  • Ben and Bella tried many times to get back to the right book. What is something you had to try many times before you succeeded?

These five books are all great resources for the beginning of the school year or anytime you need to amp up your students’ love of books. Make sure to grab your favorite and let the magic begin!

It is important that we model of love of reading to our students. These books are a great way to do that. However, we need to go beyond that. Assessing students’ reading interests and engagement are both important to make a plan for ongoing reading success. I can get you started with a freebie that includes a reading interest inventory, a reading engagement inventory, and a list of strategies for small group instruction. Simply fill out the form below, and everything will be sent straight to your inbox.