A Pinterest Inspired Gratitude Activity

Happy summer everyone!  (Or maybe almost summer to some)  We finished at the end of May, and I have been using my time to catch up on some things that I was not able to get to during the craziness that comes at the end of the school year.  It’s nice to have time to refresh and get some new ideas.  One of my favorite places to get new ideas is Pinterest.  As I was looking through my feed last week, I got inspired to create an activity for my students to practice gratitude.

Expressing gratitude is a practice that I try to implement daily.  I know that feel happier since I’ve started doing this, and I would love to promote it more with my students this school year.  When I found this pin from Teach Beside Me I became inspired and put my own twist on this activity.
Next year, I plan on using a similar activity at the beginning of the school year to help me get to know the kids as well as getting them in the habit of practicing gratitude.
I’m going to to start with these fun erasers from Amazon.
This post shares a way to use these fun erasers to have students practice gratitude.
Students will pick an eraser at random and respond to one of these questions that will be posted on the SMART Board.
Great questions to help get to know your students.
This activity will double in a practical sense because students are constantly wearing down their erasers.  Now, they will have a backup eraser right from the start!  If you would like to download this slide, you can do so by clicking here.  After you make a copy, you can edit it however you would like.
This activity will help students practice gratitude right from the beginning of the year.
How do you have students practice gratitude?  
Thank you!

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