Using Flipgrid for Partner Reading Response Activities

Sometimes, it’s easy to get in a bit of a rut with student responses to reading.  I do see lots of value in Post-it notes and reading response journals.  I also see lots of value in trying different response modes.  I have blogged about how I use Padlet as an alternative way for students to respond to reading, and that works great in my classroom!  I recently tried using Flipgrid for partner responses to reading.  If you are looking for a motivator to up your engagement for reading responses, this is a great option.  Flipgrid is a FREE video service that Microsoft offers to educators.  There are a few kinks to work out for future use in my classroom, but overall it was a huge success!

Flipgrid is an excellent way for students to record video responses to reading.

The goal for this activity was to get students to talk more in depth about their topic, using a graphic organizer as a guide.  As with all new activities, I knew I would have to provide a model, so I filled out this graphic organizer ahead of time based on the book Tigers by Laura Marsh.

Tigers is a great nonfiction mentor text for thinking about reading.

Next, I recorded my response.  I added a few extras in addition to what I had written on my paper.  You can watch my video by clicking here.

After students saw my video, we worked together to create a list of rules and procedures for this type of response.  We discussed possible problems and how to avoid them.  Here is what we came up with.  

Expectations for recording video responses to reading.

When students finished completing their organizers, they had to checked by a teacher.  (I am very fortunate to have a fantastic Intervention Specialist teach with me during this block.)  Once the organizer was approved, students rehearsed and recorded their videos.  Despite a few minor technical difficulties (which are always to be expected when trying something new), students were able to record their video responses.  At the end of the recording, students were prompted to take a selfie.

After I listened to the videos, we had some follow up discussion on voice level, background noise, and elaboration, I allowed students to rerecord their responses if needed, keeping the rules we had established in mind.  They did a fantastic job!

Next, students took turns listening to responses recorded by their reading partner.  I love how this program allows students to record a video response.  Before recording feedback, we reviewed the list of sentence starters below.  I also printed this slide out (four to a page) so students would have a mini chart to keep with them when we do this activity in the future.

Providing specific feedback to a classmate's video response to reading.

I found this activity to be highly motivating.  Students knew that they needed quality written responses prior to making their video.  I was very pleased with the thought that went into their responses.  They loved being able to take a selfie holding their books at the end!  (There are options to decorate the selfie.  I disabled them for this first round, but I am going to let them play around with those next time.)

If you are interested in using the graphic organizer I made for this activity, you can download it here or by clicking on the picture below.

This graphic organizer is a great way for students to share what they learned as well as what they think about their reading.  Bonus: It's free!

Have you tried Flipgrid in your classroom?  I’d love to hear how you are using this awesome resource!

Thank you!

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