Synonyms, Antonyms & Context Clues PowerPoint and Google Slides


Are you looking for an interactive lesson on synonyms and antonyms? Do your students need practice with intermediate vocabulary and context clues? This context clues PowerPoint and Google Slides presentation are just what you need to provide your students with a clear introduction and meaningful practice with these important skills.

Students will receive practice with synonyms and antonyms both in isolation and in the context of a sentence. They will have the opportunity to identify synonyms and antonyms with words they know. In addition, they will have the opportunity to use context clues to expand their vocabulary skills.

Why you will love this product

❤ Interactive components make it engaging.

❤ Students receive immediate feedback.

❤ You can send the Slides to students through Google Classroom.

❤ It is easy to send to absent students.

❤ Students will receive a synonym, antonym, and context clues lesson in one powerful presentation.

An interactive slide from the context clues PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentations
Your students will love the interactive components!

When your students complete these activities, they should have a strong understanding of synonyms and antonyms. In addition, they should sharpen their vocabulary skills by using context clues.

Whether you choose PowerPoint or Google Slides, your students will stay engaged while learning about synonyms and antonyms.  PowerPoint does have more features, however, the content is the same in both presentations.

Beyond isolated practice. These slides include context clues.
Students will get practice with synonyms, antonyms, and context clues!

What’s included?

► Introductory slides for defining synonyms and antonyms

► Six interactive slides for identifying a synonym in isolation

► Six interactive slides for identifying an antonym in isolation

► Two slides with a context clues lesson

► Five interactive slides for using context clues to identify a synonym

► Five interactive slides for using context clues to identify an antonym

► Two slides with additional synonym and antonym practice

► One interactive slide to differentiate between synonyms and antonyms

► After students select an answer, the presentation will automatically take them to a slide telling them whether or not they selected the correct answer. The answer slides are set to return to the appropriate slide when clicked.