Synonym and Antonym Games: Use I have, Who has Cards for Games your Intermediate Students will Love


Are you looking for a fun way to get your whole class engaged in practicing synonyms and antonyms? Would you like one versatile file that offers a variety of synonym and antonym games?  Designed with educators like you in mind, these interactive I have, Who has cards offer a fun and collaborative approach to learning while reinforcing language concepts. With this versatile resource, your students will not only enhance their understanding of synonyms and antonyms but also  expand their vocabulary and foster a love for language.

Synonym and Antonym Game Options

♦ Traditional “I have, Who has” game

♦ Have students play the traditional game several times and try to get faster.

♦ Put the cards in a literacy center for students to put in order.

♦ Pass out the cards, and have students put themselves in order.

♦ For an additional challenge, try the suggestion above, but the students must remain silent.

When your students have completed this activity, they will have great exposure to intermediate vocabulary words. They should also have a stronger understanding of synonyms and antonyms.

What’s included?

► Directions for all synonym and antonym games

► 32 I have…, Who has…? cards for synonyms

► 32 I have…, Who has…? cards for antonyms

► A print-friendly version of both synonym and antonyms games

► Card lists to follow the games (The card list also serves as an answer sheet if you decide to use this game as a center.)

Color version of I have who has for synonyms  I have who has cards for antonyms in color