Idioms, Similes and Metaphors Worksheets, Games, & Activities


Are you looking for new ways to get your students excited about understanding idioms, similes, and metaphors? You can provide excitement with hands-on activities, no-prep printable resources, and digital practice all in one product.

This versatile set of figurative language activities includes everything from idioms, similes, and metaphors worksheets to puzzles to digital activities, and more!

These figurative language activities allow students to demonstrate an understanding of idioms, similes, and metaphors, both in isolation and in context.

Why Practice Figurative Language?

  • Figurative language is a great way to enhance writing by choosing just the right words.
  • Young readers will likely encounter figurative language in their reading.
  • Figurative language is used in daily oral language.

You can choose to use print, digital, or a combination of both. Either way, your students will stay engaged while enhancing their figurative language skills.

Puzzles & Games

You can use these hands-on activities for:

  • Centers
  • Small Group Work
  • Whole Class Engagement
  • Partner Practice

Centers for idioms, similes and metaphors

Idioms, Similes, and Metaphors Worksheets

You can use these no-prep printable activities for:

  • Morning Work
  • Homework
  • Guided Practice
  • Assessment
  • Spiral Review

Idioms, Similes and Metaphors worksheets

Digital Resources

Because digital versions are included, your students have a paperless way to use the figurative language activities.

Digital resources are perfect for

  • Sending work to absent students
  • Display on interactive whiteboard for whole-group practice
  • Lessen the piles of paper
  • Easy grading
  • Accommodate students with fine motor needs

Digital resources for figurative language

What’s included?

► Simile Match Puzzles- includes 12 similes and definitions, directions, recording sheet, and answer key

► Metaphor Match Puzzles- includes 12 metaphors and definitions, directions, recording sheet, and answer key

► Idiom Match Puzzles- includes 12 idioms and definitions, directions, recording sheet, and answer key

► A Print-Friendly Version of all three centers

► Suggestions for Use

► Two Simile Worksheets

► Two Metaphor Worksheets

► Three Idiom Worksheets

► Three Dice Games

► Figurative Language Drawing Activity

► Figurative Language Writing Activity

► Idioms, Similes, and Metaphors Worksheet with Mixed Practice

► 13 Corresponding Digital Activities all set for Google Classroom