Synonym and Antonym Worksheets & Games: Print and Digital Activities to Expand Vocabulary


If you are an intermediate teacher looking for no-prep synonym and antonym worksheets, games & activities that use grade-appropriate vocabulary, then this set was made for you! Say goodbye to boring practice that uses vocabulary that is not challenging. Say hello to a variety of resources that will help your grow your students’ vocabulary now and in the future.

Whether you use the print or digital versions of these activities, your students will stay engaged as they use context clues, synonyms, and antonyms to expand their vocabulary.  Either way, there is something to love about all the synonym and antonym worksheets, activities, and games.

Printable Resources

The printable resources include synonym and antonyms worksheets, including isolated practice, mixed practice, and a color-by-relationship activity.  There are two games  (in color and print-friendly) included to increase engagement while building vocabulary. These are great for homework, morning work, partner work, small group work, assessment, and spiral review.

Synonym and Antonym Worksheets

Your intermediate students will stay engaged while expanding their vocabulary with these fun games!

Digital Resources

Because digital versions are included, your students have a paperless way to use the synonym and antonym worksheets & activities.  You can use this product as a way for absent students to get the practice they need, a collaborative way to work on synonyms and antonyms as a class using an interactive whiteboard, and/or as a way to lessen your stacks of papers by assigning it through Google Classroom.

Drag and drop activities are an engaging way to incorporate technology with synonym and antonym practice. Synonym and antonyms worksheets go digital with these fill-in the blank activities.

Once your students have completed these activities, they should have a better understanding of how to use context clues. They will also have a set of easily accessible resources to help expand their written vocabulary.

Great resources to help students to use in their daily writing.

Use this poster as a reference to remember the difference between synonyms and antonyms

What’s included?

► A full-size anchor chart in both color and black & white

► A mini version of the anchor chart for Interactive Notebooks

► A foldable for Interactive Notebooks

► A list of alternative words for good, bad, said, went, happy, and sad

► Two synonym worksheets with answer keys

► Two antonym worksheets with answer keys

► Two synonym and antonym worksheets

► One color-by-word relationship activity

►Two engaging games that work great for literacy centers, partner work, small groups, or early finishers – The games come in color and print-friendly versions

► Six “drag and drop” activities for Google Classroom

► Two “fill in the blank” digital synonym and antonyms worksheets for Google Classroom

*Please view the thumbnails for a detailed look at the contents.