Synonyms and Antonyms Task Cards Using Context Clues to Amp Up Vocabulary


Are you looking for synonyms and antonyms games and activities designed using vocabulary appropriate for intermediate grades? If so, these task cards are perfect for your classroom. Each card requires students to use context clues to determine the meaning of the featured word. Next, students determine which of the four options is the best synonym or antonym.

You will love the printable cards for

❤ Giving students movement

❤ Scoot

❤ Scavenger Hunts

❤ Literacy Centers

❤ Small Group Work with Synonyms and Antonyms

❤ Games

28 Synonym and Antonym task cards using context clues and intermediate vocabulary


You will love the Google Slides for

❤ Whole Class Discussion

❤ Reviewing answers from Scoot or other games

❤ Sending to absent students for review

❤Discussion about vocabulary using context clues, synonyms and antonyms

❤ Reviewing answers from Scoot or other games

Use Google Slides to display the task cards for whole group check and review

You will love the Google Form for

❤ A No-prep Assessment

❤ Sending to absent students

❤ Self-checking

❤ Valuable data about who understands synonyms, antonyms, and context clues

Use the Google Form to check students' understanding of synonyms, antonyms, and context clues

After your students have completed these activities, they should have a better understanding of how to use context clues, synonyms, and antonyms to expand their vocabulary. You will receive valuable data about which students understand these skills, and who should have additional practice.

What’s included?

► 28 task cards – Each card has a sentence with an underlined word. Students need to determine the synonym or antonym for each word.

► A print-friendly version of the task cards

► Recording Sheet & Answer Key

► Suggestions for using the task cards

► Directions, should you choose to use the cards in a center

► A self-correcting Google Form with all the task cards

► A Google Slides presentation with all the task cards (directions to convert to PowerPoint)